Montana Laborers Retirement Benefit Modeling Tool

Personalized Benefit Projection

at 58
at 58
Pre-retirement shore-up benefit
Pre-retirement sustainable income benefit
Pre-retirement traditional benefit
Post-retirement shore-up benefit
Post-retirement sustainable income benefit
Post-retirement traditional benefit
The following assumptions were used and are for illustration only:
  • You are assumed to be vested in both the traditional benefit (5 years of credited service) and the new sustainable income benefit (3 years of service) when you retire (if not already). You must be vested to receive retirement benefits.
  • Your contribution rate for future hours worked is assumed to be equal to the rate in your most recent benefit statement. This is calculated from your most recent year's benefit accrual divided by the number of hours you worked during that period divided by the accrual rate of 0.9%. We have estimated that amount to be $2.50.
  • To the extent the actual rate contributed is different, your benefit at retirement will be different. Actual benefits will depend on actual hours worked, actual hourly contribution rate, and actual plan investment returns.
To create the pattern on investment returns based on historical returns between 1955 and 1990, we assumed the funds are invested in a 50% stock /50% bond mix, using:
  • Stocks – the S+P 500 Index
  • Bonds – from 1955 to 1979 a mix of 40% 3-Month Treasury Bills and 60% 10-Year Treasury Bonds, from 1980 to 1990 the Barclays Aggregate Bond Index.
From 1990 to 2021, the Plan's actual investment returns are used.
If the projection goes beyond the 2021 historic returns, an assumed rate of return of 6% is used.

Helpful Hints:
  • The modeling tool works best with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  • To reset the modeling tool to its original settings, refresh the browser by pressing the F5 key (Chrome) or Ctrl F5 (Microsoft Edge).

Start by entering your demographic and benefit information below. (See your most recent benefit statement for your benefit information.)

Then change the amounts below and see what your benefit might be under different circumstances, such as retiring at a different age or the plan's investment returns are higher or lower.

For more information, see: Using the Modeling Tool and Input from Your Pension Statement


To see how your pension grows using an average investment return (a smooth ride) enter the investment return between 4% to 8% (and uncheck the box under Historical Investment Returns):


To see how your pension grows using a period of actual historical returns since the year shown below, with the shore-up benefit to smooth out the bumpy ride, check the box below (and change the year, if desired).